Tuesday, February 17, 2015

7 Weeks Old / My Google Search History

If you have young children, I'd bet money that at some point you've googled some topic or another that more or less boils down to wondering if you're killing your child.

I was very guilty of abusing the Google machine in the first few weeks of my child's life but I can't say that I've reformed my ways entirely.
I google things less often but I still google them.

I thought it would be fun to check through my search history and share the things I've googled with respect to caring for a newborn.

So without further ado ...

  • When do babies sleep through the night? 
  • When will my milk come in?
  • Does Guinness help your milk come in?
  • How do I know if my baby's getting enough milk?
  • Why is my baby crying?
  • When do babies get colic?
  • What do you do all day with a newborn?
  • What are the rules around drinking and breastfeeding?
  • What colour should my baby's poo be?
  • How can you tell if your baby is dehydrated?
  • Is it normal for the soft spot to pulse?
  • When does the soft spot close?
  •  When will my baby smile?
  • Is green poop okay when it's usually yellow?
  • How often should my baby nurse?
  • How long should my newborn be sleeping?
  • 3 week growth spurt
  • 6 week growth spurt
  • When should I expect growth spurts?
  • Is my baby fussy cause she's growing?
  • Should I still be waking my baby every 2-3 hours to nurse?
Etc, etc.
I've curbed my googling A LOT since the first few weeks but I'm still guilty of secretly googling things when I start to worry. It can be scary ('your child is dehydrated! Bring them to the ER immediately!') and it can be incredibly reassuring ('your kid slept for 5 hours straight? Don't wake them to feed, they're fine. Consider yourself lucky and go back to sleep!').
Yes, my child did sleep a solid 5 hour stretch one night and it was glorious. No it hasn't happened more than two or three times. But yes, I know how lucky I am that I even got that much continuous sleep. 

And yes, when I wake up in the middle of the night before she does I still put my hand on her chest or poke her to make sure she's still breathing. 

I can't google that kind of reassurance for my first-time-mom worries. 

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