Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Weeks Old / Essential New Parent Reading

Today, little bug, you are 5 weeks old.
Everyday you get closer and closer to smiling and giggling. I can't wait until I hear your first giggle. I think it will break my heart.
You seem to see more now. When you look at me and your dad we think you're really looking at us now. 
This has become my goal now, to make you laugh and smile. 
I think my quest to make you smile and laugh has dropped my IQ a bit. Case in point: I somehow decided that you needed a high society name. And that name is Lady Noodle-Wigglebottom. 
Your mom is a certifiable nut.

It's crazy to think that you're a month old already.
In that month you've already grown so much.

And I've cried so much. But thankfully good cries, not post-partum crying. I've been lucky.

In honour of some of my cries, here are a few of the causes as well as some funny reads to balance it out.


A Day at Home with a Newborn

They Should Have Warned Me

and a response to that about postpartum depression:

I'm Glad They Warned Me

When Love Feels Heavy 

And to MY mom, who passed along a love of reading, a respect for all people regardless of their beliefs, a knack for the silly things in life (I'm convinced she tries on clothes at Lulu Lemon just to give them a fake name to write on her changeroom door), and a desire to give my own daughter the same amount of unconditional love she gave to me - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA BEAR!
I love you xo

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