Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6 Weeks Old / What Will Your Favourites Be?

Oh baby baby, how you've grown and changed in just 6 short weeks.

You've been smiling and cooing and it has become my life's mission to make you smile and coo.
You love laying on your back (a game we call 'bug on the rug'), especially on the change table. You kick your legs and stretch your arms and look all around you. 
I make the weirdest animal noises I can think of (my personal favourite being the wild cat/cougar). I tickle your toes and ask you any question I can think of. 
You seem to like the monkey noise and the wild cat noise best. You also really like your toy Mortimer the Moose (from Rimouski, as per your father) with his crinkly feet. But I don't know what a moose sounds like.

I wonder what your favourite animal will be.

Last week I tried to read you a book but you were fussy and you started crying. I don't want you to think reading is no good. I want you to love books like I do.
We're taking you to PEI this summer for a wedding and a road trip to basically-New-Brunswick-Quebec for another wedding the weekend after so you and I are going to read Anne of Green Gables. 
Then we're going to read Harry Potter. 
And Charlotte's Web.
And all of my favourites.

I wonder what your favourite books will be.

Some nights, waiting for your dad to get home, we decide we've watched too much tv and we dance to music instead. You seem content with whatever song I put on. Taylor Swift, Missy Elliot (a resurrected love post Super Bowl cameo), Alt-J, Lil Wayne, Robert Delong....
The first week you were home you used to get fussy in the evenings. One night your dad danced with you while the Single Ladies video was on. You stopped fussing and were transfixed. 
We think you're a Beyonce fan.
Today in the car while listening to the radio I wondered what your first concert will be. I hope we go together.

I wonder what your favourite songs will be.

I don't want you to grow up faster than you need to but little bug I can't wait to really meet you.

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