Tuesday, June 2, 2015

22 Weeks / New Adventures!

My sweet little baby is officially 5 months old. And looking bigger and bigger everyday. 
We decided to try out some rice cereal this weekend. 
The Canadian Pediatric Society currently recommends waiting til closer to 6 months to introduce foods other than breast milk but she seemed ready. She watches everything we eat and drink with such curiosity. She can sit up in her bumbo chair and support her head and neck perfectly while doing so. 
So on Sunday morning we mixed up some cereal with my milk, got our little girl ready in her seat with a bib and embarked on a new adventure!
It went about as well as you can probably imagine.
She seemed pretty intrigued by the spoon but hasn't mastered the art of swallowing with sucking quite yet. Most (all?) of the cereal ended up on her chin, on her bib, and on her toes. 
Monday morning went about the same. Eventually she'll get the hang of it. I'm not pushing her to have very much of it as it's more for fun & practice than nutritional value right now. 
Check out the most adorable video of baby's first foray into food below. 

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