Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Weeks / Too Busy to Sleep

Oh my monkey.
You're rolling both ways now - back to front and front to back. But only to the right. When I put you in your crib now it usually results in you smushed up in one of the corners. Time to get some crib bumpers me thinks.
You're getting better at sitting up on your own too. But not really. You like sitting up with us but if we let go to see how you fare you happily face plant into the couch/bed/other soft surface. You'll get there soon enough though.
You like having people hold you so you can walk your feet through the grass. 
You like sleeping on your tummy with your bum in the air. 
During the day you don't like napping anywhere but on your mommy and daddy. 
(As I type that sentence you FINALLY just fell asleep on the couch beside me, as captured in the photo below ... but you keep waking up to watch Kelly & Michael it seems. I know if I put you in the crib you'll be wide awake. You're a funny one)
You're discovering more and more every day. You enjoy your exersaucer even more now that I finally put batteries into it and it makes crazy jungle sounds. 
You're starting to bounce and move side to side in it now too.
You're also very interested in anything your dad and I eat/drink. I bought you a sippy cup because you're not a fan of the traditional bottle. So far you just chew on it but I'm optimistic that one day you'll drink from it.
I also bought you rice cereal because of how interested in food you seem. I was going to wait until 6 months but we're going to try a little bit next week after your 5 month-a-versary. 
 I'm excited for you to try new things but not excited for the reality of constipation (your poor little GI tract is going to have to learn how to process more than just breast milk) and 'human poos' that I've been told smell like ... well, poo. Different from the non-offensive milk poops you have now, anyway. 
Are you reading this in the future? Are you embarrassed that I'm talking about your poos? Don't be. Everybody poos. 

We love you so much and feel so lucky we get to watch you grow each and every day.

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  1. I love you Jamie and your blog reminds me so much of my own experiences of 1985 and 1986. Thanks for the lovely walk down memory lane. I look forward to seeing all three of you this weekend. Life is good.