Tuesday, June 23, 2015

25 Weeks / Into Your Crib

Last night you slept in your crib overnight for the first time.
We're trying to get you into a routine, so that you go to bed a little earlier - selfishly this is because we want a bit of evening time to ourselves but also we want to make sure you're as well-rested as you can be.
We gave you a bath at 6:45, then changed you into your PJs, dad read you a story and then I nursed you. You fell asleep so quickly and peacefully.
Unfortunately you also woke up again at 8:30 and your dad held you and sang to you for half an hour until you fell back asleep (even though you cried for a lot of it because you only wanted to soothe yourself on my boob).
When your dad and I climbed into bed at 10 pm I couldn't help but feel a pang on sadness when I looked at the empty bassinet beside me. For almost 6 months I could peak over at you any time I woke up and listen to your breathing and know that you were safe. 
I only got up to look in on you once overnight (not counting the two times I was up to nurse you).
You slept soundly in your crib and woke up happy.

We're hoping for another 7:30 bedtime tonight!

I'm so happy you're content in your own bed and I love having some time alone with your dad but I missed you beside me.

I hope you always remember that, when you're bigger and can crawl out of your toddler bed, there will always be room for you beside us in our bed.

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