Tuesday, April 21, 2015

16 Weeks / Tidbits

Ev's new friend was born yesterday just before midnight. My best friend endured a gruelling 36 hour labour sans epidural (they tried 3 times and it wouldn't take) then eventually had to be taken in for a c-section. But baby Mackenzie was born healthy and strong and is absolutely beautiful.
Big props to T for hanging in through an incredibly tough birth!

As I showered today, I thought about how things have changed, almost 4 months post-partum.
Pro: I fit back into my clothes! Although maybe not now after 3 large cookies and a lot of chocolate today. It's like having a totally new wardrobe. I haven't worn a lot of these items in a looooong time. 

Con: my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. I understand this is quite common but I don't know how I still have hair left on my head.
This is how much hair comes out of my head per hair wash. Not pictured: the amount that comes out when I brush my hair, run my hands through my hair, or when Ev grabs a fistful of it.  

Pro: Ev is starting to nap for longer during the day when I put her in her crib. 
She usually only sleeps for decent periods of time when she's on one of us, so having that hands-free time during her naps really allows for actual free time.
Con: on Sunday she napped for an hour in the crib and I puttered around the house because I didn't know what to do with myself.

Almost 4 months old!
Her new favourite things include looking at and touching my phone, the thermostat, and cups/mugs.
Here she is enjoying an empty coffee mug this morning. 
That's my girl.

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