Tuesday, April 7, 2015

14 Weeks / Of Days To Come

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
We celebrated with both of our families and enjoyed lots of food and chocolate, as is to be expected.
I got to thinking about the holidays and how much more fun they are going to be in the coming years. 
I can't wait to hide Easter eggs and have our sweet little bunny search around trying to find them, while I eat most of the chocolate I purchased for the hunt. 

Same with Christmas. I'm excited for the belief in Santa and for the excitement when she heads to bed on Christmas Eve. 

And the cute Halloween costumes (and, again, more candy for me).

The magic of the holidays is going to come back full force and then some. 

Speaking of holidays, today is my dad's birthday!

Happy birthday Dad!
I plan on making up holidays in which I sign the kids out of school to spend the day exploring Toronto Island, much like you did for Robin and I. 
And I expect Ev will be signed out an additional day to do the same with you ;)

We love you!

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