Monday, January 12, 2015

I Am Someone's Mom

Having a child is, at times, overwhelming.
It took only a moment for my whole life to change.

One Saturday night in early April I was at a wedding drinking champagne and wine, eating raw tuna and beef carpaccio. 
On the Monday, only a day late, I took a pregnancy test. I think I took it early because I wanted to know and not let more days go by where I could get my hopes up.
2 minutes later I had my answer: I was pregnant.
And ecstatic.

John and I laughed, cried, and had a mild panic attack that night.

We were going to be parents.

Skip ahead 9 months of waiting anxiously to see a baby bump, crying at seeing a tiny heart beating on ultrasounds, finding out we were having a girl, recognizing the feel of the first kick. Somehow the weeks and months flew by.

A week after her due date, my water broke and we had plans to go to the hospital to move things along. 

After 15 hours of labour (I opted for the epidural so those 15 hours were relatively pain free), all it took was one final push and then we had a daughter.
We were somebody's parents.

Just like that, the focus of our lives changed. 

I didn't cry when she was born though I was sure I would sob.
I think I was so full of adrenaline and was just in awe of her.

Believe me, I cry enough now to make up for it.
All I have to do is look at her and think about her growing up or how much I love her and I start tearing up.

She is amazing. 
She terrifies me.
She is strong and expressive and so very loved.

At times it feels overwhelming and I know there will be trials and tribulations galore ahead but my goodness, being a mom is the best feeling in the world.

My daughter, Evelyn Grace, was born on a Tuesday.
And conveniently the old rhyme goes, 
"Mondays child is fair of face, Tuesdays child is full of grace..."

I plan to blog every Tuesday about life as a new mom.
Join me on the adventure!

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