Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 Weeks Old / Mat Leave Confession

This is my first week home alone with a newborn.
John went back to work yesterday after a few weeks at home with me and I have to admit I was dreading this moment.

The first few nights at home with our daughter were rough. 
We were learning what to do with her and she was figuring out her new surroundings.
She was awake almost hourly or at least it felt like that. 
I spent most of the night watching TV on the couch with her then eventually slept with her beside me in bed once she did fall asleep. 
She didn't seem to be a fan of sleeping in her bassinet but I realize now it was because we were putting her down before she was really asleep. 

It's horrible to admit but I started to dread sundown, knowing I was in for a long all-nighter and I started wishing away time, googling when babies usually start sleeping through the night.

After that we started putting her in the bassinet when she'd nap during the day.
And after her long evening fuss session, when she fell asleep, we'd get her to sleep in the bassinet for 3-4 hour stretches!

Sweet, sweet girl, letting us sleep for decent chunks of time.

I am well aware that baby's schedules change all the time and so I'm enjoying these long overnight sleeps while they last!

So here I am, alone with my baby.
I got a decent sleep again last night and I guess as a trade off she really hasn't been down for a day nap longer than 30 minutes. 

Despite having a baby attached to me almost constantly, the day hasn't been as long or as lonely as I was anticipating. 

I'm enjoying these days when she is still little and new and relies on me for everything. 
I'm excited to watch her grow and learn new skills but I'm also no longer wishing away time.

I know the newborn baby smell will fade and the cuddles will get less frequent so for now I'm soaking them in.

It's crazy she's already 2 weeks old!
She's now going through diapers like crazy and I can see that she's grown. Her hands seem bigger, her eyes seem to see more, and her face looks a little more grown up everyday.

My days now consist of setting small goals for myself.
These include having a cup of coffee, doing one or two household chores (dishes, laundry, etc), attempting to make dinner (Monday night was a success - thank you slow cooker!), and keeping the little bug entertained and fed in between catching up on some tv.

Today I'm going to have a shower.
Lofty goal?
We'll see! 

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